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After graduation from Educaship Bootcamp, our fellows pursue two tracks:

  • Formal curriculum, which is defined in partnership with the college that would issue your credential;
  • On-the-job training, which is defined in partnership with your mentors.

Our introductory sessions in project management, IT, leadership, data analysis, and DevOps are also open to the general public at no charge.


If you are:

  1. A career service provider, you are welcome to explore our partnering products;
  2. An employer, please explore joining Friends of CNM;
  3. A professional, please consider becoming our volunteer;

Whomever you are, you can always support jobs for the vulnerable with your donations.


You will be hired as an apprentice immediately after your graduation from the bootcamp. You will be supported administratively, financially, legally, managerially, and technologically as long as you are in the program.

Traditionally, but not necessarily, you will work as a project manager, business analyst, Scrum master, product owner, and/or tech lead. Your work hours and rate increase as your capacity increase.

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the math is simple

educational debt:

USA college student
WorldOpp fellow

(Student debt data source: The Economist, 2014; the fellows are not responsible for out-of-pocket costs)

six-year earning:

USA college student
WorldOpp fellow

(Salary data source: The Economic Group; learning period is included for both college students and the fellows)

I had been in the US for 17 years, given birth to three children, and never been employed. When I discovered WorldOpp, I had no where else to go. The Fairfax County Employment Center's employees told me that I was not eligible for vocational training. At WorldOpp, I got partially-employed next month and fully-employed in nine. Now, I make more than $48,000 a year as an accountant and my career futures are bright.
immigrant from Palestine

who we are

We are Friends of CNM. In 2012, we started out as the tech skills training team of the Career Network Ministry. Later, we gradually moved to a network that includes legal entities called Corporate Friends, professionals called Expert Friends, and donors called Funding Friends. The purpose of this network is to support and enhance services of the Career Network Ministry.

meet our team

Natalia Glush


At Friends of CNM, I am happy to work with the full stack of technologies from our private cloud to end-user applications.

Vaclav Jobs


Working on the WorldOpp programme, I feel like I am contributing to a really better world.

Valeria Malash


I love our tech team. Collaboration is the first advantage. I am always available to help and enjoy availability of someone else's help as well. Well-defined configuration management is the second advantage. And, most importantly, the constant discovery of new horizons is unparalleled.

I wanted to transition to the IT industry, but couldn't find any entry-level position. Then, I discovered WorldOpp. In 10 months, I secured a c-level position within Educaship Alliance LLC, a Virginia-based corporate friend of CNM.
Ira Vush

use cases

High-school drop-out:

No GED is needed to get started with WorldOpp. Based on Educaship Bootcamp , we at Friends of CNM always assess what parts of knowledge, skills, and abilities you are missing in order to get employed as our apprentice. Our CMO-in-Training, Vaclav Jobs, started out of the middle school.

Partially-disabled person:

We welcome partially-disabled people! Based on Educaship Bootcamp, we at Friends of CNM always assess what type of employment fits your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our past CTO, Chris P., periodically experiences crises, which are related to some mental disability. Now, he is gainfully teaching online.

50+ years-old laid-off worker:

Your age has no relevance for WorldOpp's admissions. Our past trainer, Diane J., was laid off after decades of her work for one particular employer. Now, she is a senior manager for one national association in the Washington, DC metro area.

A gift from God. I could never imagine that I would discover my new passion and turn it into my paychecks. After one career in the hospitality business, I have succeeded to launch another career in the IT one. This wouldn't be possible without WorldOpp. Thank you, guys at Friends of CNM!
Lora Smithworth

impact we are proud of

Employable workforce:

We at Friends of CNM are proud of the fact that thousands of people were trained in information technology and projet management at no cost to them. You are welcome to explore our past events and their photos at techdc/photos

New entrepreneurs:

We at Friends of CNM are proud of the fact that hundreds of new jobs have been created by those graduates from WorldOpp, who have started their own businesses. of people were trained in information technology and projet management at no cost to them. You are welcome to explore our past events and their photos at techdc/photos

just few numbers

overall participants:

people got trained

created jobs:

workplaces were created by the fellows

full employment:

days in the programme are usually needed to get employed full-time

first paycheck:

hours in the programme are usually needed to get the first paycheck

raised funds:

$ 0
are raised in order to fund the programme

current vacancies:

fully-funded openings need to be filled immediately

referral fees:

$ 0
per candidate are payable for everyone who refers any candidate after their 36 hours in the programme

committed employers:

employers hire only the programme graduates

Friends of CNM present: